KW Boise has a different approach to business. We are a new generation of forward-thinking, tech-savvy real estate specialists focused on delivering superior service to our clients. Our team agents consistently meet income goals of anywhere from $60,000 to $300,000+ per year. We do this with a strong emphasis on providing an exciting and collaborative company culture.

Brent Hanson grew his business by 500% in just four years after moving to Keller Williams! He continues to take advantage of the countless training opportunities to sharpen his skills and grow his team. Brent and his business partner are ranked #2 in the entire Boise market.

Brent Hanson

Erin Madden’s business has grown exponentially after being with Keller Williams less than a year.  KW fights for their agents and empowers them with the tools and technology to succeed.

Erin Madden

Steve joined Keller Williams as a single agent seeking personal growth. He now has a team of 35 and will close over 300 transactions this year. Steve is one of the fastest growing agents at KWBoise and continues to leverage KW’s training and tools to expand his business.

Steve Satterlee

Excel Your Career with KW Boise

Average Income
Over $95,000

Our superior coaching, training, and technology unlock endless earning potential.  KWBoise has numerous agents that earn over $500,000 a year.

Lead Flow is Provided
to All Agents

KW Command, an all-encompassing CRM built by agents for agents allows you leverage pre-built drip campaigns and marketing systems from day one.

Free Marketing

All KWBoise agents have access to free marketing materials.  The brokerage pays for materials to be built for the agents whether it is a ‘coming soon,’ ‘just sold,’ recipe, or door hanger.

Training, Coaching
and Accountability

Scripts, contracts, advanced lead follow-up, seminars, and world class coaching are all at your finger tips with KWBoise.

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WHY not choose to be Great! You Deserve it!

Success leaves clues, tap into our world-class training calendar at Keller Williams Realty Boise and set your business on new trajectory, of where your business is today, to where you want it to be in the future. Build and fund your life the way your want!

Follow the clues…break through your ceiling of achievement & unlock your highest potential!