Where you choose to do business, your immediate work environment and most importantly, the people that you work with can often determine whether you are lifted up to your true potential or not. Working with leaders that inspire, colleagues that continually raise the bar and an energizing atmosphere can push even the most seasoned agent to the next level.

Romano – Ready to Raise the Bar

It was this caliber of environment that Gina Romano of Sewell, New Jersey was seeking after she realized that she had reached a plateau in her business. “I came from a RE/MAX platform,” she explains. “I do about $60M in production and I decided that I could grow as much as I could grow in that platform.”

So, in order to change her business trajectory, she changed her surroundings and made the move to Keller Williams. “I wanted to surround myself around people that were bigger and better and that I can learn from and grow,” says Romano.

“The energy in our market center is phenomenal. There are a lot of high performers.”

A Brighter Future Awaits at Keller Williams

And, it’s not just Romano that is benefitting – her entire team is discovering new ways to expand their skillset and mindset while unlocking all new levels of achievement. At Keller Williams, Romano sees growth, expansion and an even brighter future on the horizon. “I say, bring it on!”