In the early 1990s, with adventure in his spirit, Clinton Selfridge graduated from college, packed up his bags, and moved to New York City. He’d didn’t know a soul, but he was fortuitously befriended and mentored by a leader at the firm. It was life-shaping for Selfridge, who determined early that he would one day invest in others the way someone was doing for him.

After 10 years of success in New York, Selfridge gave in to a long dream he had to live in Southern California. Again, he picked up and moved across the country without really knowing anyone. He worked hard and developed a prominent luxury brand, where he’s sought after as one of San Diego’s top high-end real estate agents.

After 16 years as a stand-out agent in San Diego, most recently at Sotheby’s, Selfridge felt that old longing to mentor up-and-coming agents come back to the surface. That’s about the time he met and built a rapport with Brian Cane, operating principal of Keller Williams La Jolla. Over a few months and several meetings, Cane gave Selfridge a variety of personality tests, told him about the company’s mission, vision, and values, and invited him to Family Reunion. “It was just the absolute right fit at the right time,” Selfridge explains.

“I found the company and the culture tremendously exciting and knew instinctively that I wanted to be a part of it.”

“Everyone is so willing to help. It’s that willingness that’s so attractive. I have never experienced such a natural eagerness for people to share their success habits with one another like I have here.”

It didn’t take long for Selfridge to make the leap to Keller Williams, where he serves as the director of luxury in the La Jolla market center, one of the most affluent communities in Southern California. He saw a new vision for his business where he could share what he knows and enjoy more collaboration. Luxury clients are sophisticated, and Selfridge sees where he can help the market center with his years of experience and knowledge.

“I’m excited to help others operate with confidence in this area,” he exclaims. “I was given a lot when I was younger, and now with Keller Williams’ structure and support, I’m in the best position to give back.”