Before joining Keller Williams in March 2018, Brandon Knox worked in a respected Nashville brokerage, Zeitlin Sotheby’s, where he closed 222 transactions and $107 million in 2017. But Knox says the experience was like being on an island: Nobody was pushing his high-achieving team to improve beyond its current success, and the energy of the office, which had many agents working from home, wasn’t invigorating them. “Oftentimes [we’d] be the only ones in the building because we were a go-early, stay-late type of people,” Knox says. “So we always found ourselves self-motivating.”

After conversations with a local team leader, Knox and his team of seven joined the Nashville – Green Hills market center after being drawn to the company’s energy. He says his team has found
a perfect fit with the goal-oriented environment and culture that aims to give back to the community. And they are already watching their business grow with additional support from KW’s innovative technology and training, specifically the Leverage series.

“At KW, there are people at our production level who are crazy for the business like we are,” Knox explains. “It’s fun to feed off of that and to have this friendly competition. It’s like, how can we all grow.”

Knox notes that the business side of the decision was simple. His team can take home more and receives support that helps them break production boundaries. “The numbers are real, the caps are real,” he says. “The access to technology and training is real. And it’s something very few, if any, other firms offer. We have been stretched to believe more is possible and strive to even greater heights.”